Super Undies Nighttime Undies Sizes 3 & 4 (FINAL SALE)

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Bedwetting?  We get it!       

Super Undies has spent years developing and perfecting a reusable, waterproof, overnight option for bedwetting. Truth is, you never know when it's going to end. I have had phone calls from people who saw these products a year ago and thought, "I'll just wait before making the investment."  A year later, wetting the bed has not stopped and once calculated they realize they have spent over $200 that year in disposables alone!  A quick $60, just a few week's worth of disposables, would give you two pants to rotate through, resulting in never spending another dime.  It may seem like laundry every day, but these pants can be washed with anything! So you're good...

The only difference between these two options are what the absorbent layers are made of - cotton, or microfiber.  Both are great at absorbing, so honestly, it's just personal preference.  In other words, if you don't care then pick your favorite color! 


*Please note that cotton is a natural fiber and can fray.  Fraying is not considered a defect as it naturally occurs after laundering. To reduce fraying on any of our cotton products, please use a garment bag when laundering.  We also recommend using a garment bag if your washing machine has an agitator.  The insert attached can become lodged around the agitator causing the insert to start ripping away from the diaper itself*

Please know that our nighttime products do tend to run slightly bigger due to possible shrinkage of the fleece lining the waistband, leg holes and inside hip area of the diaper.  We recommend trying the product on your child to make sure you have purchased the correct size before washing, or using the product due to our exchange policy.


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Alien Invasion Aquanut Cupcake Queen
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Dreamland Dynamite Fearsome Frog
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Heroes Unite NightWatch Rainbow Bright