Why Cloth Diapers??

Do you use disposable diapers for your child?

 Did you know that….

Your baby is being exposed to toxic chemicals laden inside the lining of the diapers create health problems? The European Union banned these toxins as it's been proven to be harmful to you and your baby's health and to the environment.

It also takes approximately 500 years for the disposable chemically filled diapers to decompose in already overfilled landfills. It's a serious environmental crisis that our community, now and in the future, has to be deeply concerned about.

Plus disposable diapers are expensive - costing about $2,000 to $3,000 per child.  

Health impacts on your baby wearing disposable diapers

 According to Real Diaper Association, disposable diapers contain several chemicals – Dioxin, Tributyl-tin (TBT), and sodium polyacrylate which is the type of super absorbent polymer (SAP).   

Dioxin is listed by the EPA as the most toxic cancer-linked chemical.   

Hormonal problems in human and animals have been linked to TBT.   

SAP used to be in tampons but were removed in the early 1980’s when it was found to have a link to toxic shock syndrome. Yet, they are still in our baby’s disposable diapers!

Do you have a baby boy?   Disposable diapers have shown to increase his scrotal temperature, interfering with the necessary testicular cooling system that is very important for normal spermatogenesis.  Click here to see the research

Disposables have been found to cause or or exacerbate asthma.   Click here to see the research by the National Insitiute of Health.

So what can you do about those health issues?   Switch to reusable cloth diapers!     They do NOT have chemicals that would harm your baby.

Environmental impact on your baby and future generations

Using reusable cloth diapers will help your baby’s future and future generations by greatly reducing the amount of disposables that sit in the landfills for approximately 500 years. Each baby will go through approximately 6,000 diapers from birth to potty training. That’s your baby alone. In Greeley, Colorado, approximately 24,000 babies are born each year. This amounts to 1,400,000 diapers that will still be sitting in the landfill when your great-great-great-great-grandchildren come into this world. The numbers keep adding up!
Manufacturing disposable diapers and using them generates 2.3 times more water than cloth. 

Financial Impact on your budget

You'll soon notice the pay off of investing into cloth diapers as it only cost an average of $500 for a stash. They are reused over and over. When following care instructions from the manufacturers, those cloth diapers can be reused on your next baby or sold/given to friends/family. That's $2,000 more savings.

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For  more information with sources:  Check out Real Diaper Association's Fact Sheet