Storing wet/soiled diapers until wash day:

In the old days, wet pails were used to store dirty diapers.   Those were pails prefilled with water and bleach and the dirty diapers sit in it until wash day.   This is NOT recommended anymore - they are a drowning hazard and unnecessary, and greatly shortens the lifetime of your diapers.  Dry pails are recommended for modern diapers.   You can easily purchase a tall kitchen pail with lid and line it with diaper pail liners.   Do not let more than 3 days pass between washes.   On wash day, simple pull the whole thing out, dump the diapers into the washing machine and throw the pail liner in as well!!    Put in diaper friendly detergents in the dispenser.


Typically, routine wash of the diapers consistent of:

COLD or WARM pre wash/rinse
HOT wash
COLD rinse
(extra) COLD rinse if necessary

NEVER use fabric softener and make sure all of the detergents you use for diapers do NOT have additives such as fabric softener, dye, brighteners, bleach, nor fragrances in them.   The fabric softener will coat your diapers to the point they will not be absorbent anymore.  

Dyes, brighteners, enyzmes, and fragrances can cause rash.  

Please refer to this site for recommended diaper detergents - Real Diaper Industry Association Detergent Determinator 

It's very important the detergent is rinsed out completely (if you see suds in the rinse cycle, rinse again until no suds left.).    Detergents that build up in diapers cause ammonia stink and ammonia rash.   In this case, it does smell clean after you wash them but once your baby pees, ewwwwww the strong ammonia stink!!!   You would have to strip them or special-clean them with Funk Rock (which is a bit longer process.)   Prevention is the key - if you have hard water, it is very difficult to get all the detergents rinsed out - CALGON, a water softener,  helps aid in rinsing out all detergent.   I started using Calgon while I realized the problem and it helped a lot.   You can find them in WalMart, King Soopers, and Safeway for about $4.50 a bottle (a bottle lasts about 10 washes.)   Please do not confuse this Calgon with the ones from the bath aisle.  This comes from the laundry aisle.

Kim Webb of Rockin' Green wrote a very clear-explained article about washing routines for cloth diapers - Click Here.


Whenever possible, line-dry your diapers.   It will help extend the life of the elastics in them.   Also SUN is a great natural bleacher - it brings out the stain.

When using dryer, it's best to dry at low heat setting unless manufacturer recommends.    Diaper covers do dry fast when hung to air dry.

Never use dryer sheets - like the fabric softener, the dryer sheet will decrease the absorbability of the diapers.  

We recommend that you follow the manufacturers' specific instructions for details:



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(Click "Wash & Care tab" - information generally applies all Swaddlebee/Blueberry diapers.)

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