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State Regulations on Cloth Diaper in Child Care

Please click on the state you wish to look up the State's Regulations on the use of Cloth Diapers in ChildCare facilities (including family daycare).   This is being updated as we look them up for you.

(Please respect My Blossom Bottom by not copy/pasting every state link onto your site.  Your own state is fine with us, not all of them.  I personally have put in hours and hours of research to make this available for the parents.  Thank you.)

Alabama - Page 27, 8.C.2 and .3 

Alaska -  

Arkansas - Page 31, 1105, #3 & 4 

Arizona - R9-5-503 "Standards for Diaper Changing" (about 32 's pages down) 

California - Page 168-169, Section 101428, (c) & (d) (4) & (5)

Colorado - Child Care Centers - Page 20, Section 7.702.63 (B) Diapering & Page 31, Section 7.702.83 (A) (3) - does not state anything about CD
Family Child Care - Page 23, Section 7.707.72 (B) - does not state anything about CD

Connecticut - Page 33, (e) Diapering and toileting

Delaware - Page 12-13, 120-121 Diapering and toileting


Florida - Page 21, (b) Diapering Requirements

Georgia - 290-2-3-.11 Health, Safety, and Discipline, (g) & (h)


Idaho - 39-1110 (3) Health Standards

Illinois - Google "cloth diaper regulation day care illinois"
and look for
"[doc] PCS R407 - 2005 - State of Illinois
This document, Part 407, Licensing Standards for Day Care Centers, is issued by the
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to serve several ..."
and download the MSWord doc - its a large document - go to Section 407.340 Diapering and Toileting Procedures - you'll find a 3 page worth on this area. 

Kansas - Page 66, (q)

Kentucky - Section 10 "Section 10. Toilet, Diapering, and Toiletry Requirements."

Louisiana - Class A / 
Louisiana - Class B- Those two links do not say for nor against cloth diapers BUT another source, "Title 67 Social Services" page 163 states: 

§7396.   Infectious/Medical Waste Disposal

A.    Clothing soiled with stool shall not be washed at the center. Soiled clothes shall be put in sealed plastic bags to be picked up by the child's parent or guardian at the end of the day. Only disposable diapers shall be used unless there is a medical contraindication such as allergies.


Ohio - (7)

Ohio - (A), (7)

Oklahoma Child Care Centers - Page 27 Section 25. Care of infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds, (c) Diaper Changing, (5)
Oklahoma Child Care Homes - Page 18 Section 93. Infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds, (d) - (e)



South Carolina - Page 3-5 Diapering, 114-505 F

Tennessee - (Child Care Centers) Page 45-46, Rule 1240-04-03-.10, (14)

Texas (child care center) - Page 120-122 Division 2, Diaper Changing
Texas (child care homes) - Page 103-104 Division 2, Diaper Changing

South Dakota  



Washington (family home day care) 
Washington (child care centers) 

West Virginia - Page 80, Appendix 78-1-D

Wisconsin (family child care) - Page 28 (4) DIAPERING AND TOILETING
Wisconsin (group care centers) - Page 37-38 (4) DIAPERING AND TOILETING

If your state is not listed - please Contact Us with the State in question and I'll bump it up on my search list for you.  Thank you.