Local Customers

We now have a home store!!   Our business has grown to the point that it is not feasible to do in-home consult in customers' homes.  It's highly recommended to come visit our home store where you have the opportunity to shop as if you would shop in a brick and mortar store.   We're located in West Greeley - only 10 minutes east of I-25 and about 2 block north of Highway 34.  

On-line appointment scheduler has been taken down due to its system not sending out notification to the store.   A new system is being researched.  In the meantime, please text Audrey at 970.313.3401 or E-mail MyBlossomBottom@aol.com to set up an appointment to visit the store.   Children are welcomed as long as they are within behavior expectation (no hitting, throwing things, yelling, etc.)   Our daughter would be happy to keep your older toddlers/preschoolers busy in her play area while you visit the store.  (Note we do have small items around so if your toddler tends to put item in his/her mouth, we will have him/her play upstairs in the hallways / store room with supervision.)