FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we wash them?

It's simple - in the washing machine - cold rinse, hot wash with cloth diaper-approved detergents, hot rinse, and a cold rinse. You have two options to hang dry in the sun (great natural stain removal) or low setting in the dryer. Check out our Wash/Care site for more details.

What about the rash?

Always frequently change your baby when the diaper’s wet or soiled!!! More babies in disposables have rashes than reusable cloth diapers, as many parents reported on several Facebook pages about cloth diapers.   No wonder caregivers keep buying Destin or A & D Ointments!   Rashes usually are caused by new food introduction, food allergies (even the food breastfeeding mother ingests), yeast infections, skin sensitivity, chafing, and chemical irritation.

I'm afraid of sticking my baby with the pins!

Safety pins are no longer used! Cloth diapers now come in different form of fastening - snaps, Velcro, and Snappi's (similar to Ace bandage fasteners). Please contact us to see and get hands on feel of those modern diapers.

Will my daycare providers allow the use of cloth diapers in daycare?

Colorado law does not prohibit the use of cloth diapers in daycare. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Most daycare providers are willing to use them especially once you educate them how to use them. You can provide pre-stuffed pockets or all-in-one's for ease of changing cloth diapers.   You will need to provide wet bags to bring soiled diapers home for washing and bring in clean ones.  

My Blossom Bottom is in the process of compiling a list of Weld and Larimer County daycare facilities who are willing to accept babies/children in cloth diapers.   If your daycare provider stubbornly refuses, sadly, they are not worth your business with them.

What do I do with the solids?

Solids from exclusive breastfeeding babies are water soluble therefore do not need to be rinsed out before placing in the diaper pail.   There are few ways to handle other types of solids - use of biodegradable disposable liners to "catch" most of the solids that can be slid off into the toilet. There is a handy device you can easily purchase called a diaper sprayer and rinse off the solids from the diapers right into the toilet. Some solids are easily shaken off into the toilet. Please contact us for demonstration (videos will be produced and posted on the website.)

Contact us with further questions!