Cloth Diaper Glossary

4143836499-ef81af2025.jpg All-In-One is the combination of waterproof PUL (outer layer) and cloth - usually cotton or bamboo - sewn together in one piece.  There is no stuffing involved.  It is the closest to disposables.  Some AIOs take a bit longer to dry because they are thicker but there are a lot of AIOs in our store that are made of layers that can be flapped around in the wash/dry, making the dry time shorter.  This type is most convenience to use especially for day care providers and babysitters.  
 bummis-totsbots-open4-5276-400.jpg All-In-One Pockets - These diapers are all-in-one with the pocket. Which means the inserts are attached to the lining but it also has a pocket where you can place additional inserts for more absorbency.  Most of the time the attached insert will agigate itself out in the wash.

All-In-Two's are diapers whereas you simply change the soaker and reuse the cover if that insert hasn't heavily soaked through.   Usually those covers are fleece-lined and can be air-dried for the next diaper change if it's a little wet.

In this picture, the insert is laying on the top.  (Applecheeks Size 1 on bottom and Size 2 on top.) 

 bumcontourdiaphram.jpg Contour Diapers contain layers of cotton or bamboo fabric which are sewn together and shaped like an hourglass.  They are made to shape onto the baby (therefore its name "contour.")   They are secured onto the baby using the Snappi or old-fashioned way - the diaper pins.   Contour diapers require a cover.
 thiristiscoverbabybirdblue.jpg Modern covers are completely different from the old fashioned vinyl rubber pants your grandmother used back then.   All covers in our store are made of polyster or nylon and made waterproof using PUL (polyurethane laminate) or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes) on the inside layer.  Aplix (Velcro or hook & loop as some are called) or snaps are used to fasten them onto the baby.   They come in sized (newborn to large), duo-size, or even one size fits most. They are used with the prefold, contour, fitted, or as a hybrid diaper.
 bummis-bamboozle-5355-400.jpg Fitted diapers contain layers of cotton or bamboo fabric which are sewn together.  They actually are shaped like a disposable diaper - with fasteners such as snaps or Aplix (Velcro or hook & loop as some call it) to hold onto the baby.   The difference between fitted and contour is that fitted has fasteners on them while contour do not.  Fitted diaper require a cover.
 groviabiosoakers.jpg Hybrid diaper gives you the option of using either the cloth insert or the disposable inserts.  They are interchangable.  Parents love them because they can switch to the disposable inserts when they go out, for childcare, or vacations.   Those inserts do contain SAPs but in much lower amount than the commerical disposables.  
 liljoey-inner.jpg Newborn/Mini - Most one-size diapers do not fit a newborn in the first 2-3 months of life (usually around at least 8 lbs).  These are the smaller versions of AIOs, pockets, or covers.
 4143837719-cb09ebed2e.jpg One Size Diapers are adjustable as your baby grows.   They can be adjusted with the snaps on the front (for rise) and have plenty of snaps or aplix/velcro space for the waist.  Some aplix/velcro can overlap.  Others are adjustable using the elastic around the legs and the back of the waist (Fuzzi Bunz andCharlie Banana.)
 duo-diaper-inside-500.jpg Pocket Diapers consist of waterproof outer layer (lined with PUL or TPU just like the covers) but have cloth linings sewen together with the outer layer.  It has an opening where you can place the inserts for absorbency, thus calling it "pocket."  With this, you can use the inserts that usually comes with the diaper or customize it with a prefold or hemp insert, making it adjustable to your baby's needs.


The very top is the disposable/biodegradable liner,  the middle is the prefold, and the bottom is the cover. 

Prefold is a rectangular shape of cotton, bamboo, or hemp fabric with layers sewn together.   When you see 2x4x2 in the description, that means this has 2 layers of fabric with 4 layers in the middle (in other words, 2 layers plus 2 more in the middle.)   You can fold them and lay them in the cover (or all-in-two's cover).  Some people like to use Snappi to secure them before placing the cover on the baby.  Prefold diaper requires a cover.
 duowrap-adjust.jpg Two-Size's are just like one-size except they are designed to be one-size small version and one-size larger versions.  They are less bulkier than the one-size with less fabric to snap down for a better fit.