Child Care/DayCare

Will my daycare providers allow the use of cloth diapers in daycare?

Check with State Laws or Health Department Regulations for your State.

My Blossom Bottom is compiling a link for each State to help you convince the child care provider if that is the case for your area.  Please click here for state-by-state listing with link - if yours is not in it, please E-mail so I can bump your state up on my list to search.

Colorado law does not prohibit the use of cloth diapers in daycare. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Most daycare providers are willing to use them especially once you educate them how to use them. You can provide pre-stuffed pockets or all-in-one's for ease of changing cloth diapers.   You will need to provide wet bags to bring soiled diapers home for washing and bring in clean ones.  

My Blossom Bottom is in the process of compiling a list of Weld and Larimer County daycare facilities who are willing to accept babies/children in cloth diapers.   If your daycare provider stubbornly refuses, sadly, they are not worth your business with them.

This is a great resource from the DiaperPin website - Cloth Diapered Children and Day Care Providers  and from the Real Diaper Industry Association website - DayCare Directory.