Melissa & Josh Kroening's Baby Registry

When ordering out of this registry, please put their name(s) in the comment
box at check out so this registry can be updated.   All registry is done manually,
not automatic like big box store.  Audrey, owner of My Blossom Bottom, appreciates your support!

Item  Color  Snaps/Aplix
Material Type
 Size  Would Like Received  Note                 
Gift Certificate       Any Amount    
Thirsties Natural Newborn AIO Adventure Trail Hook & Loop   1 0  
Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper Kumbaya     1 0  
 Tots Bots Easy Fit STAR  Red Riding Hood      2  
 Thirsties OS Natural AIO Sun Blossom Hook & Loop     2  
Thirsties OS Natural AIO  Adventure Trail Hook & Loop    2  
 Nuggles Natural BambooLUXE Fitted     Size 1  2  
 Nuggles Natural BambooLUXE Fitted      Size 2  2 with Nighttime Soaker please 
Thirsties OS Pocket  Sun Blossom  Snaps    2  
 Thirsties OS Pocket   Road Trip Snaps     2  
 Blueberry OS Coverall  Granite      1  
  Blueberry Coverall MINI  Seahorse      1  
Funky Fluff Double Wet/Dry Bag   Kumbaya     2  
 Lalabye Baby Pail Liner Three Blind Mice       1  
 Blueberry Laundry Bag  Work Zone      1  
 Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer        1  
 Bee Green Naturals 1 oz. Monkey Farts    1 oz. 2  
 Bee Green Naturals 4 oz. Monkey Farts    4 oz. 2  
CJ BUTTer Caracass Cleaner Monkey Farts     1 0  
Funky Fluff Flushable Liner       2  
AppleCheeks Reusable Wipes       2  
Blueberry Hemp Doublers 3-Pk       1  
Blueberry Bamboo Doublers 3-Pk       1  
 Funky Fluff One Size Swim Diaper La Vida Loca       2  
AppleCheeks Swim Diaper   Shark    Size 1  1  
AppleCheeks Swim Diaper   Wild Child   Size 1  1  
Blueberry Mattress Pad Bedtime Story     1 0  
Blueberry Mattress Pad Veggies     1 0  
Leslie's Boutique Diaper Changing Pad Flower Shower     1 0