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Lighthouse Diapers are a new innovative brand of diapers designed by a mom who LOVES cloth diapers! This lightweight, super trim diaper will become your favorite. Choose from stay-dry fabric or wet bamboo for potty training - it's your choice, simply flip your insert to the desired side. No more snapping or stuffing diapers.

Why We Love Lighthouse Diapers:

  • Moves with baby, lightweight TPU feels softer than other cloth diapers and allow for more movement.
  • Wash once, no prepping required.
  • All-In-One diaper is easy to use-no stuffing!
  • Perfect for night-time use, able to absorb wetness for 12 hours with no leaks.
  • One-Size diaper fits babies 9-32 lbs.
  • Every purchase gives back 5% to Hannah's Home of South Florida to help women and babies.

For Washing Instructions please scroll to bottom.

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How do I wash my Lighthouse Diapers?

Washing before first use:

  • Wash diapers at a water temperature of 60°C/140°F. 
  • Prep diapers one time before first use for best absorbency.

How to Wash:

  • Place no more than 18 soiled diapers into your washing machine and run a cold pre-wash cycle with no detergent.
  • After your cold pre-wash cycle, wash your diapers on hot, (maximum of 60°C/140°F) with detergent.
  • Once your hot cycle is done run a short rinse on cold.
  • Diapers may be dried in the dryer on low (may need more than one cycle).
  • If you hang dry, make sure to do so by laying it flat to avoid overstretching the elastic over time.

What to Avoid:

  • Do not use laundry additives, such as fabric softeners, stain guards or dryer sheets.
  • Avoid using diaper rash creams/Vaseline directly against your Lighthouse Diaper.  If you need to use diaper creams, please use the provided diaper liner.

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  • 5
    Beautiful Diaper

    Posted by Krisa Hunter on 17th Feb 2018

    I have been scared to put anything but Thirstiest on my little mermaid but I fell in love with Lighthouse Diapers’ prints. Unlike so many other cloth diaper disappointments, Lighthouse looks, feels and fits nicely.

  • 5
    Great diaper

    Posted by Alicia on 10th Feb 2018

    Very trim and absorbent diaper. The prints are cute and I love the watercolor.

  • 5
    Trim AND absorbent

    Posted by Natasha on 8th Feb 2018

    These diapers are so incredibly trim but very absorbant! The prints are cute too. Love them so far.

  • 5
    Lighthouse Diapers AIO

    Posted by EMS on 2nd Jan 2018

    This is a high quality diaper a great price. It is stretchy and fits my 20 lbs 1 year old very well on the second to last rise snap. I am looking forward to new prints. It fits similarly to Thirsties NAIO. I think it will fit my guy until PT, but my guess is larger babies may have a fit gap between the largest setting of this diaper and PT.