Lalabye Baby One Size Diaper - Lalasarus (FINAL SALE)

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Note this print is LIMITED EDITION. 
Individual photo of each diaper - front and back,
labeled by the letter - is shown for your selection.  

Since individual photos are available, bum placement
request in comment box will not be honored.

Remember - you're purchasing Lalasaurus / Taiceratops, not specific bum placement. 
In other words, if there is any warranty replacement, it will NOT be the same.


lalasaurusa.jpg lalasaurusb.jpg lalasaurusc.jpg
lalasaurusd.jpg lalasauruse.jpg lalasaurusf.jpg
lalasaurusg.jpg lalasaurush.jpg lalasaurusi.jpg
lalasaurusj.jpg lalasaurusk.jpg lalasaurusl.jpg
lalasaurusm.jpg lalasaurusn.jpg lalasauruso.jpg
 taiceratops-p.jpg  taiceratops-q.jpg taiceratops-r.jpg 
 taiceratops-s.jpg taiceratops-t.jpg   taiceratops-aa.jpg
 taiceratops-bb.jpg taiceratops-cc.jpg  taiceratops-dd.jpg 
 taiceratops-ee.jpg taiceratops-ff.jpg   taiceratops-gg.jpg
taiceratops-hh.jpg   taiceratops-ii.jpg taiceratopsjj.jpg