Gift/Baby Registry

Dear family & friends of the gift recipient - thank you for honoring the new parents the choice to cloth diaper their new baby!!  You may wonder "Why?"  Our diapers are not like the ones your grandmother used those old days.  Modern diapers have become much easier to use and to manage.  Please refer to our page "Why Cloth Diaper?

    Every baby goes through approximately 6,000 diapers
from birth to potty training.  
This results in an average $2,500 spent on disposables,
and those sit in the landfill for about 500 years.

Average Cloth Diapers $500
When taken care of well, it can be re-used on your next baby!

At the check out of your registry order, please put in their name(s) in the comment section (i.e., "Registery gift for (name)").   Please put in their name and address in the "Ship To" section.  If they are local, you may choose "Local Pick-Up) - the gifts will be personally delivered to the couple (we will be arranging this with them.)   Our local areas are:  Greeley, Evans, Milliken, Johnstown, Windsor, Loveland, and Kersey.

Name of Expectant Mothers or Parents    


Clare & Jeremy H.


Melissa & Josh Kroening

Expectant/New Parents - Congratulations on your upcoming birth or adoption of the child!!   This is a great opportunity for your family & friends to help you get started on cloth diapering.  Please create an account if you haven't already done so.  Enter your E-mail address, first & last name, mailing address, phone number, and due date (in the comment section.)    Shop on our site as if you're purchasing but at check out, check off "Gift/Baby Registry."   I will then transfer all the items into your registry.  You will not be paying for anything here (disregard the E-mail you will automatically receive, explaining how to pay for the order.)

You will be listed here with either your names as you wish to be listed or privately with an ID using your first and last initals and baby's due date - month/day (or date of birth if already here!).   For example, Jane Doe baby due Nov 15 will be listed as "JD1115."   Please indicate your preference in the comment section at check out.

Once I set up your registry page, you will be given the direct link to your registry.  Give this link to your guests, family/friends/collegues.  

With each order we receive, the registry will be updated to reflect how many you "received."  We have no control over guests ordering more than what you wanted.  However, they are exchangable within time period as specified in our return policy.  (30 days from date baby's birth - proof of birth required.)

Note GIFT CERTIFICATE is available as an alternate.  

Guideline - What will we need to cloth diaper our baby?

  Newborns          Diaper Kit (24 prefold diapers, 6 small covers, 3 rolls bio-soft liners, 5 reusable fleece liners, large wet bag, and User's Guide.) 



OR  24-36 prefolds (24 if you wish to wash every other day or 36 for every other day's laundry) and 6-10 newborn/small covers





If you are planning on childcare, check with them if they're willing to accept prefolds/cover, otherwise, All-In-One, All-In-One Pocket, or Pocket with Velcro/Aplix closures are good alternative for day care.   Note most daycare are more accepting to use cloth if it's as easy to use as disposables.   For newborns, Tiny Fits and AMP Stay Dry AIO are most popular. 



Note most one-size fit babies better once they reach about 10 lbs, at least.  They may not fit at birth but eventually around 2-3 months they will fit better.

Older babies (3  months or older)


Guideline as to how many you need - how many diaper does the child go through in 24 hours?   Mulitiple that by 2 if you want to do the wash every other day or multiple by 3 to wash every 3 days (at the most, as recommended by manufacturers.)  You can choose sized (small/medium/large) or one-size diaper (fits baby up to about 35-40 lbs which is potty training time.)   Diapers last longer when washed every 3 days than 2 days.   

For babies who sleep through the night and are heavy wetters, fitted diapers with covers are recommended for nighttime (mulitple how many changes at night times wash every 2 or 3 days and about 1 cover for every 2-3 fitted.)

Wet Bags

Two bags are recommended (so you have one to use while the other is in the wash)
Pail Liners Two pail liners are recommended (so you have one to use while the other is in the wash)
Diaper Sprayer
Optional - attaches to the toilet and used to spray the solids (poop) off into the toilet.
Flushable Liners Breastfeeding poop is water soluable (washes out easily in the wash) but when baby is on formula or solid, these liners make it easier to remove the solids especially when you're out of the house (or when you don't have a diaper sprayer.)
Detergents Most store-bought detergents are not safe for cloth diapers due to its ingredients that become problematic with build-ups.  Please refer to Real Diaper Industry  Association's Detergent Database - make sure the detergent has NO enzyme, brighteners, dye, fragrances, or fabric softener.  

All detergents we carry are made for cloth diapers but may also be used for household laundry!