Funky Fluff LUX Bamboo Soaker Set (1 Small + 1 Large)

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The LUX soaker set is the combo of soakers included in our systems.

LUX Bamboo soakers offer incredible absorbency with fabric made from renewable resources. Bamboo fabric is especially soft and breathable. It keeps babies comfortable and cool.

Soakers snap into the top and/or bottom of the Funky Fluff diaper shell (if desired) to keep them in place for mobile babies and toddlers and when snapped in at both ends create an All In One system
Small soaker consists of 5 layers of bamboo terry fabric and can be used in the newborn and/or small rise setting. It can also function as a booster for overnight or heavy wetters. Small soaker measures 30cm x 11cm x 14cm
Large soaker consists of 6 layers of bamboo terry fabric and measures 36cm x 11cm x 14cm
Double-stitched edges around soaker reinforce and extend durability
Our new soakers have a contoured shape for increased absorbency area
Each soaker is made from bamboo terry material that consists of 80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester.
Comes in a set of small & large soaker