Funky Fluff Flushable Liners

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Funky Fluff bamboo flushable liners make cleanup quick, functional and super easy.

To use, place liner on top of your clean Funky Fluff diaper.  When diaper is soiled, remove liner and flush down the toilet.  No scraping, dunking or swishing required!

Our liners are:

- Flushable*

- Biodegradable

- Fragrance-free

- Made from Bamboo Fibre

- Soft and Comfy against baby's skin

- Offer an extra layer of protection against stains

- Offer a good barrier for diaper creams

- 100 perforated sheets per roll

-  Each Sheet Measures: 14x28 cm (5.5 x 11in) per sheet (sized to fit Funky Fluff diapers).

-  *Not recommended for use with septic systems or old/damaged drains.