Funky Fluff Double Pocket WetBag (FINAL SALE)

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nyhmz7qbiw2poirv49tm5hzja-qjicwmiit51zjghz0.jpgKeep your clean and dirty items separate in one bag that has two completely individual compartments. Both sections are waterproof and close with a high quality zipper.

  • Two waterproof and separate pockets in one bag. Outer pocket opens out and allows for expanded storage. 
  • Convenient snap handle makes the bag easy to carry around and attach to a stroller, hook or door knob.
  • Perfect for carrying messy baby items, trips to the beach/swimming or the gym. 
  • Necessity for daytime outings with cloth diapers. Functions perfectly for transporting cloth diapers to and from daycare.
  • Made with laminated 100% polyester fabric. Measures 12” x 15”. Holds up to 8 diapers.
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