CJ BUTTer Carcass Cleaner 8.5 oz pump (FINAL SALE)

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cc-mf.pngCreated by CJ for use as a body wash and named because her family often jokingly said they "needed to go bathe their filthy carcass", this is a moisturizing base combined with a natural soap.

It is perfect for cleansing the human body from head-to-toe, as a body wash, facewash, handsoap, or shampoo and can also be diluted for use as a wipes solution!

The perfect balance of organic Castile soap and deep moisturizers to gently cleanse and disinfect any part of the human body. Carcass Cleaner can tackle filthy, greasy mechanic's hands yet is gentle enough for most sensitive of skin. Frequent hand washing is no longer a problem since this soap does not dry your skin.


**8.5 oz. Pump**